EnCata ecosystem

EnCata ecosystem

Human capital and innovation ecosystems play a pivotal role in technological development on any level: City - Region - Country. EnCata is a rather unique private company that has created the scalable ecosystem for hi-tech and scientific startups. We are bringing together technology companies, business angels, startups and SMEs, donors, venture capitalists and government to take advantage of our scalable EnCata Ecosystem, creating jobs and new businesses in the hi-tech sector through spillover effect.


Historically, innovation ecosystems were developed rather sporadically by a cohort of hi-tech companies involved in various government programs. Some other ecosystems emerged as a result of particular ‘push’ as a result of various government incentives and infrastructure investment.

We have identified that neither private sector, not venture capital is willing to invest in innovation ecosystem for two reasons:

(i) low portfolio ROI

(ii) infrastructure and management complexity

Now state and local governments are starting to sense the importance of their role in stimulating innovation. We see scattered investment in building and comissioning new Technoparks, incubators, accelerators and state-run VC funds across the regions through various grant funding schemes, aimed to boost regional or national economies and create new centers of technology excellence for startups and SMEs. Unfortunately, these activities are typically very poorly coordinated, mismanaged and, therefore, ineffective.


We have (re)invented the whole new complete ecosystem and call it EnCata Incubation Technopark. We are already multiplying such approach around the globe either as a whole or bringing essential pieces to demonstrate efficiency of our new concept.

Our approach is in creating a certain infrastructure and services IN ONE PLACE to maintain the ‘flow‘ and facilitate the growth of deep tech and scientific startups. The holistic approach in making available anything from technical experts, rapid prototyping and professional engineering companies – to VC funds, coworkings, acceleration programs and grants. EnCata offers a comprehensive solution for startup development, unifying various state aid programs into a continuous linked chain from ‘idea’ to the finished product through various support programs and services.


Based on our fancy pneumoerection technology TheFIR . tech  we are now creating a whole new technopark ecosystems.

TheFIR technology enables us to build a new technopark or incubation center within 2 months. The beauty of this approach is in low CAPEX/OPEX costs, rapid scalability and modularity. The fast construction technopark is a whole piece of innovation ecosystem that EnCata provides, which is described below.

Brick and mortar Technopark

Brick and Mortar Technopark (or actually a ‘steel & glass‘ Technopark) is a solution based on a newly developed modular construction CUBBIE technology.

The concept of the incubatuion Technopark is shown above in the video and it embraces the same idea as the Fast Construction Technopark with a more solid building and wholistic approach. This can be either a Brown-field or a Green-field proejct.

For more information about our Incubation Technoparks please visit this link.

EnCata Ecosystem comprises multiple essential pieces

Technology expert service and mentorship

Makerspace for self-prototyping (MakeIT Center)

Coworking space for startups (one like this)

Easy access to pre-seed grant funding (a developed solution)

Startup Academy (EnCata Academy)

Professional design and product engineering company (EnCata)

Shared industrial facilities for manufacturing (EnCata Manufacturing)

Workshops for product assembly and packaging

Pre-seed and Seed investment from resident VC funds

Acceleration program with various partners (check out here)

Professional marketing agency (EnCata Marketing)

Fast construction buildings for coworkings and manufacturing (FIR TECH)

software management platform

software management platform

In addition to our engineering knowledge and experience in startup lifecycle management, EnCata uses specialised software. Our special proprietary software thereby increases the efficiency of allocated public spendings, grants, inventory and management.

The system can be classified as an integrated solution with elements of Internet of Things (IoT), project management, CRM, ERP, smart manufacturing (“Industry 4.0”) and smart office.

EnCata startup ACADEMY

EnCata startup ACADEMY

EnCata Startup Academy is a mentorship-driven incubation program, helping startups with product development, legal advice, marketing and business-model formulation, technology transfer and proof-of-principle (POP) prototyping.

The successful startups receive funding for engineering prototype development with the engineering catalyst EnCata and go through the 4-week acceleration program. Moreover, B2C-focused hardware startups get funding for a turn-key Kickstarter campaign.

MAKEIT CENTER hackerspace

MAKEIT CENTER hackerspace

MakeIT Center is a 300 sq.m. (3000 sq.ft.) hackerspace / maker space with a wider range of hardware prototyping equipment (CNC machines, 3D printers, lasers, welding, paintshop, electronics PCB prototyping, etc.).

It is the place where a technology startups can themselves or with the help of trained engineers can produce any part, prototype or a mock-up. It is the ideal space for LEAN startups to design own prototype and make any project from a door handle to a drone or a robot.

Coworking space for startups

Coworking space for startups

A place where startups flock is the coworking space. It is absolutely pivotal for the ecosystem to provide space for talents to share their ideas and learn from each other.

Have the idea of a startup, but don’t know where to begin? The community will help and embrace a new startup member with help of EnCata engineers and liaisoning team.

FIR Tech construction

FIR Tech construction

Fir Tech (www.thefir.tech) is not just a building, but a complete solution and eco-friendly environment for SMEs, businesses and technology startups. We have worked on and adapted the existing fast construction technology, made it modular, adaptable and convenient for companies from various industries.

We are able to customise the building and its interior fit-out, focusing on the needs of each business and technopark.

Build your startup ecosystem with EnCata and be part of the success story!