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We develop, engineer and integrate SOFTWARE and
HARDWARE with functionality
design for the 21st century

We develop, engineer and integrate SOFTWARE and HARDWARE with functionality design for 21st century


We SUPPORT a vision that innovation is at the heart of human progress, prosperity and social responsibility.

EnCata WORKS with scientists, startups, entrepreneurs and SME leaders.

We ENGAGE with hardware and software innovative technologies that can disrupt industries.

We JOIN at concept phase with capability to take product or service to the end users under leadership of our clients.

We RIGOROUSLY protect IP and follow EnCata proprietary development cycle

We SUBSCRIBE your business to our LEAN management practices


We SUPPORT a vision that innovation is at the heart of human progress, prosperity and social responsibility.

We WORK with scientists, startup entrepreneurs and leaders of SME’s.

We ENGAGE only with hardware and software innovative technologies that can disrupt industries.

We JOIN at concept stage with capability to take product or service to the end users under leadership of our clients.

We RIGOROUSLY protect IP & follow EnCata proprietary development cycle

We SUBSCRIBE to Lean management practices



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What do we offer

Our Engineering and Product consultancy services coupled with ONE-STOP-SHOP engineering and manufacturing help our clients to enable technology transfer and develop innovative products from the idea stage. A unique combination of engineering talents and word class industrial prototyping facilities allow EnCata to tackle multidisciplinary projects and deliver bespoke HARDWARE-based solutions.
Applying a decade of experience as keen software engineers and consultants we helped a range of industries to bring automation and reach operational excellence, and disentangle complex problems of our customers. Our product-centric approach enables EnCata to deliver bespoke software solutions and help to grow the business of our customers.
R&D is the key for any business to achieve future growth, manage product lifecycle and survive the turbulence of emerging disruptive technologies. We deliver R&D services and enable technology translation from the very low TRL levels. Our approach helps our customers to leverage their R&D risks and stay ahead of competition in ever-changing turbulent world.
We understand the need of our clients to bring their disruptive technologies and innovative products to the market. EnCata is the highly experienced in-house team - supported by our global network - provides the premium service in bringing your product or service to the market in the shortest period of time, at the lowest cost with access to a pool of decision makers.

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Value for our clients


We reduce your burn rate on development, protoping iterations, lunch and product/service support phase.

Engineering Catalyst provides multifaceted technical specialization of 200 engineers and designers with practical expertise in technologies of the 21st century.

We work with early-stage startups and connect startups with strategic partners and/or investors.

Outsourcing companies

EnCata serves as Research & Development extension to your core business:

Our high quality software & hardware engineers, industrial designers and R&D engineers are ready to help your with new technology development, engineering design, prototype development, manufacturing and tests.

With EnCata your company can get a complete spectrum of services concerned technology research, product engineering both in software and hardware, covering a variety of vertical markets including IoT, robotics, consumer and Industrial applications.

EnCata enables your growth and helps your business to secure additional revenues through a solid expertise and technology stack.

Small & Medium Enterprise

EnCata is your key to growth by enabling you to design and innovate, while helping to develop and introduce new products to the market faster and at a lower cost. We are involved in creation, development and implementation of new services/products for our clients, which will position your company as an industry leader with unique competitive advantage through our engineering knowledge and expertise.

Being a ‘ONE-STOP-SHOP’ solutions provider, we help to lower your operational costs and increase profitability using the latest advances in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, Industrial Internet, advanced manufacturing, cutting edge Web and Mobile Technologies with powerful Analytical Tools and access to world-class academic research.

We committed to work together with you in an effort to deliver the best engineering practices, novel technologies and offer full product and service support.

Success stories

Check out our projects.


IQ POD IQ Pod is an accurate dosing device that takes into account the consumption of alcohol in real time, integrates with automation systems and provides customer self-service functions in the institution. There is a prototype of the device and […]

3D body scanner

A high precision body scanner for fashion retail. The scanner design is a rotating platform with a set of digital cameras measuring body parameters with cameras. Digital images then transferred via Wi-Fi interface to a PC and undergo realtime conversion into a digital 3D model.

Med VR

Med VR Hyper realistic simulations with the maximum level of emersion using VR with full body tracking suit and tactile feedback system​ Most advance Virtual Reality trainer for surgeons in healthcare industry. The first iteration is a fully developed laparoscopic […]

AirZen app

Following-up the development of the multifunctional IoT device for personal airspace AitZen, EnCata have developed a web and mobile app (IOs and Android) that allow users to monitor air quality. The app is connected to an online store and allows in-app consumables purchase.

Vouchers system

A blockchain-based asset control solution organising and coordinating three-party (donor – service provider – end customer) contractual engagements. Vouchers system incorporates smartcontracts and automates document flow, reducing overheads for all the parties involved.

CRM/ERP platform

IoT-powered cloud-connected platform for makerspace workshops allowing tools and equipment rental. Software system combines CRM and ERP features, multi user interface and allows makerspace easy scalability.

Gas burner

Heat transfer computer simulations and design of the new type ceramic gas burner employing IR-irradiation effect. The novel gas burner design demonstrated superior efficiencies and advanced customer’s R&D efforts in bringing their new product to the market.

Variator prototype

Truck variator

A continuously variable frictionless transmission prototype (proof-of-concept) with high torque was developed and manufactured, based on customer’s patented invention. The prototype went for static testsing and further R&D.

Impeller Study

A research project involved a range of aerodynamic simulations for a new generation electric flight design. The project focused on optimizing the efficiency of multirotor three-bladed propellers within impeller ‘barrel’ geometry with further DFM.

STP feasibility study

Sewage treatment and sludge utilization is of growing concern in GCC countries, due to increasing water consumption and population growth. This feasibility study concerned utilization strategy for sludge in North of Oman.

SIXA SMM campaign

Asian internet technology startup, working on personal cloud computing platform, asked EnCata Marketing team to run social media campaign and help to promote its new B2C product and attract a cohort of new potential clients.

SmartCup Kickstarter

SmartCup – an innovative IoT device (designed by EnCata) that makes coffee, tea and baby formula preparation more convenient and easy. This gadget went on Kickstarter and it was a turnkey crowdfunding campaign delivered by our Marketing team.