Success stories that we developed and launched

AI-powered 5S board

5S tool boards empowered with machine vision AI neural network to control tool availability, such that no item can be check-out or missed from its place in a workshop. The software solution is spun to other industries requiring object recognition on-a-fly.

CRM/ERP platform

IoT-powered cloud-connected platform for makerspace workshops allowing tools and equipment rental. Software system combines CRM and ERP features, multi user interface and allows makerspace easy scalability.

Vouchers system

A blockchain-based asset control solution organising and coordinating three-party (donor – service provider – end customer) contractual engagements. Vouchers system incorporates smartcontracts and automates document flow, reducing overheads for all the parties involved.

AirZen app

Following-up the development of the multifunctional IoT device for personal airspace AitZen, EnCata have developed a web and mobile app (IOs and Android) that allow users to monitor air quality. The app is connected to an online store and allows in-app consumables purchase.