Success stories that we developed and launched

Copper smelter

Multiphysics computer simulations project of the industrial copper smelter and it’s engineering optimization for liquid phase bubbling of slags and fume exhaust system. The results, were integrated in plant modernisation and dramatically reduced the smelter down-time.

Hot Water Monitoring

R&D project in thermophysics, embedded algorithms, mechanical + electronics design with multiple on-site tests. The final product controls, regulates, measures and monitors in real time thermal energy flow and hot water supply in industrial and residential heating system.

Impeller Study

A research project involved a range of aerodynamic simulations for a new generation electric flight design. The project focused on optimizing the efficiency of multirotor three-bladed propellers within impeller ‘barrel’ geometry with further DFM.

Frequency converter

A frequency converter with power up to 4 KW developed from scratch. R&D included special test benches design and specific power electronics testing. The final frequency converter reached IP67 protection level.

Gas burner

Heat transfer computer simulations and design of the new type ceramic gas burner employing IR-irradiation effect. The novel gas burner design demonstrated superior efficiencies and advanced customer’s R&D efforts in bringing their new product to the market.

Variator prototype

Truck variator

A continuously variable frictionless transmission prototype (proof-of-concept) with high torque was developed and manufactured, based on customer’s patented invention. The prototype went for static testsing and further R&D.