Success stories that we developed and launched

SIXA SMM campaign

Asian internet technology startup, working on personal cloud computing platform, asked EnCata Marketing team to run social media campaign and help to promote its new B2C product and attract a cohort of new potential clients.

SmartCup Kickstarter

SmartCup – an innovative IoT device (designed by EnCata) that makes coffee, tea and baby formula preparation more convenient and easy. This gadget went on Kickstarter and it was a turnkey crowdfunding campaign delivered by our Marketing team.

Impeller Study

A research project involved a range of aerodynamic simulations for a new generation electric flight design. The project focused on optimizing the efficiency of multirotor three-bladed propellers within impeller ‘barrel’ geometry with further DFM.

AI-powered 5S board

5S tool boards empowered with machine vision AI neural network to control tool availability, such that no item can be check-out or missed from its place in a workshop. The software solution is spun to other industries requiring object recognition on-a-fly.

CRM/ERP platform

IoT-powered cloud-connected platform for makerspace workshops allowing tools and equipment rental. Software system combines CRM and ERP features, multi user interface and allows makerspace easy scalability.

Vouchers system

A blockchain-based asset control solution organising and coordinating three-party (donor – service provider – end customer) contractual engagements. Vouchers system incorporates smartcontracts and automates document flow, reducing overheads for all the parties involved.

AirZen app

Following-up the development of the multifunctional IoT device for personal airspace AitZen, EnCata have developed a web and mobile app (IOs and Android) that allow users to monitor air quality. The app is connected to an online store and allows in-app consumables purchase.

3D body scanner

A high precision body scanner for fashion retail. The scanner design is a rotating platform with a set of digital cameras measuring body parameters with cameras. Digital images then transferred via Wi-Fi interface to a PC and undergo realtime conversion into a digital 3D model.

Frequency converter

A frequency converter with power up to 4 KW developed from scratch. R&D included special test benches design and specific power electronics testing. The final frequency converter reached IP67 protection level.