Cuby house

Our team has developed the construction technology CUBY CONSTRUCTION, which allows to construct residential and public buildings quickly, efficiently and cheaply. We developed the technology that is environmentally friendly, cheap, fast-track, universal and energy efficient. It is equipped with Smart systems and resistant to most natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, extreme temperature changes and fires.

We have created CUBY IMAGINE configurator. You just say what you want and it creates your dream house within minutes. No expensive specialists, no long waiting! And in the shortest time possible your dream house will become a reality. Besides, CUBY IMAGINE gives architects and developers from all over the world an opportunity to:

– create CUBY HOUSE projects

– develop and improve the AI of CUBY GENIE

– add new features and functionality

CUBY DIRECT allows you to buy, sell, exchange, rent and lease already built CUBY houses and land lots for CUBY HOUSE construction directly without any help of agents with the greatest benefit for you. Design, build, customize and earn with CUBY.

Due to great dimension variability of the essential features and the furnace (21 meters long and 9 meters height smelter) and tuyeres (0.2 m diameter) blowing gas mixture at transonic speeds, the CDF / FEA non-stationary simulations and mesh building proved to be an extremely resource-demanding task. Thus, for most of the simulation runs we employed a research supercomputer.

Built-in service will select for you a construction company certified according to CUBY PRO standard. The company will solve all the problems related to obtaining permits, construction, legal support and your CUBY HOUSE commissioning. Our social working environment CUBY CONNECT with the built-in location-based interface allows to choose the nearest certified specialist for the completion of any household task in the shortest possible time.

A configurator  that  allows  any one without the help of expensive specialists to create their dream home ,which will become a reality in a short time .

In addition, CREATOR enables architects and developers around the world to create their own CUBY projects and sell them through the DIRECT marketplace.

Private , targeted investment fund operating on the principle of shared construction. Any one can invest in an object located in the service system, which is close to him by geolocation, financial and expert characteristics .

CUBY carries a personal guarantee for every dollar invested, quality and construction time. We admit to the system of equity construction only proven suppliers and certified professionals .