Med VR

Hyper realistic simulations with the maximum level of emersion using VR with full body tracking suit and tactile feedback system​

Most advance Virtual Reality trainer for surgeons in healthcare industry. The first iteration is a fully developed laparoscopic operations of any type. The secret sauce is core technology that can be applied to training of astronauts or neurosurgeons
Surgery is a stress not only for the patient’s body but also is a daily mental burden on the surgeon. We have developed an advanced simulator for the most modern methods of surgery based on virtual reality technology that gives a surgeon the most realistic and advanced simulation, closest to the real surgery. Trained specialists can be inserted into any type of laparoscopic surgery, and the device’s special feature is the possibility of special training for future neurosurgeons.
Full immersion in VR due to MedVR Atlas key immersive VR technologies. To interact with the virtual world, the patented comprehensive technology of full immersion in virtual reality MedVR Atlas is used. It implements a system for determining the position in space of a person and parts of his body. Thanks to this process, the learner interacts with the virtual world in a natural way without controllers. The MedVR Atlas technology allows for any interaction with a virtual patient.

Here are some (not all) specifications of the

The frequency of issuance of the orientation of each sensor: 200Hz

–  Angle resolution: 16 bit

–  Range of measured angular speeds: +/- 2000 degrees / sec

– Measured acceleration range: +/- 4g

– Software runtime that performs data acquisition in tracking systems and costumes, the calculation of the final coordinates of key points and the transfer of data to the game engine.

– Compatible with UE4 and Unity

Our design is centred around the high-quality VR simulation of a physician working environment. The simulation is created using in-house technological complex for creating full immersion.