Humanoid robot "ADAM"

We have designed a humanoid robot "ADAM" for educational purposes. The robot is paired with proprietary VR software that enables motion control. We have come with the startup the whole way from refining the concept and making a new industrial design - to DFM, tooling design and manufacturing. The robot is now introduced for robotics and programming classes in schools and universities.

A robotics startup dealing with educational robotic platform came to EnCata with a POC (proof-of-concept prototype) of a new humanoid robot. The TRL-4 robot prototype was already paired with startup’s proprietary educational software platform via it’s electronics.

The challenge was to make robots look nicer, friendlier and more futuristic, while bringing both the BOM and manufacturing cost down.

EnCata’s team of design engineers started to rethink the concept with newer components and electronics in place. Eventually, several variants of the industrial design were suggested, which were reflecting the preliminary robot composition and dimensions.

In order to lower down robot mass-production costs and increase the reliability, we suggested to use the whole metal frame made almost entirely with sheet metal. While robot plastic covers were made from vacuum-formed plastic. All these DFM decisions lead to a radical decrease in production costs (only 12% of the components cost).

While startup was concentrated on software development, they came with their electrical layouts and preliminary BOM for electronic components. EnCata took this BOM further for refinement and optimisation, followed with components procurement and robot prototyping and assembly.

Here is a brief list of activities EnCata engaged on this project:

  • Concept refinement
  • Design engineering with DFM
  • Industrial design
  • Electronics and BOM optimisation
  • Tooling manufacturing
  • Industrial prototyping

Overall, EnCata moved this project from TRL-4 to TRL-8, where startup received a working prototype with a set of drawing, documentation and tooling for mass-production.