Success stories that we developed and launched

Cuby House

Cuby house Our team has developed the construction technology CUBY CONSTRUCTION, which allows to construct residential and public buildings quickly, efficiently and cheaply. We developed the technology that is environmentally […]


IQ Pod is an accurate dosing device that takes into account the consumption of alcohol in real time, integrates with automation systems and provides customer self-service functions in the institution.

Med VR

Med VR Hyper realistic simulations with the maximum level of emersion using VR with full body tracking suit and tactile feedback system​ Most advance Virtual Reality trainer for surgeons in […]

Copper smelter

Multiphysics computer simulations project of the industrial copper smelter and it’s engineering optimization for liquid phase bubbling of slags and fume exhaust system. The results, were integrated in plant modernisation and dramatically reduced the smelter down-time.

Drone Hatch

A hangar for the drone on autonomous control with a built-in charging system. Equipped with a positioning system. Access to Wi-Fi is required to use the device. The roof system opens when the drone takes off and closes after the drone leaves the station.

Warehouse robot

An autonomous warehouse robot with 50 kg payload. Ther robot has IP-45 protection mark to operate both inhouse and outside (temporarily). EnCata refined the startup’s concept and delivered the industrial design, DFM and produced the prototype with all the documentation.

Humanoid Robot

We have designed a humanoid robot “ADAM” for educational purposes. The Robot is paired with proprietary VR software that enables motion control. Robot is now introduced for robotics and programming classes in schools and universties.

Hot Water Monitoring

R&D project in thermophysics, embedded algorithms, mechanical + electronics design with multiple on-site tests. The final product controls, regulates, measures and monitors in real time thermal energy flow and hot water supply in industrial and residential heating system.

STP feasibility study

Sewage treatment and sludge utilization is of growing concern in GCC countries, due to increasing water consumption and population growth. This feasibility study concerned utilization strategy for sludge in North of Oman.