Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

EnCata is proud of its track record in structuring win-win partnerships with scientists, entrepreneurs, universities, governments, corporations, private & institutional sources of capital. EnCata has created a transparent collaborative community that benefits all its stakeholders.


AcademiA and R&D labs

  • We bring your revolutionary technologies and years of academic research to real applications.
  • We guard and legally protect your intellectual property.
  • We help monetising your invention to provide a steady cash flow.
  • We work collaboratively to improve upon the original concept to align it with market needs.
  • We help integrate your invention with other technologies to add value to an end user.
  • We engage strategic industry partners early in the development process to tap human capital and financial resources.


Finance and Investment partners

  • Sustainable deal flow.
  • Reduced burn rate.
  • Faster and higher ROI.
  • Flexibility and diversification of revenue streams for your portfolio companies.
  • Efficient use of capital.
  • Reduced time-to-market.
  • Multifaceted human resource in various scientific and technology domains.


Accelerators & Incubators

  • Direct capital investment.
  • Strategic partnership with the individual company prior to or after to round of financing.
  • Partnership with accelerators/incubator with access to all products and technologies for members of the accelerators/incubator.
  • Introduction to revolutionary and disruptive startups at the early stages of the development.
  • Access to world-class scientific research, engineering and software development expertise in a wide range of technology domains.
  • Technology transfer and licensing.


Commerce Departments & Industry Association

  • Introduction of revolutionary and disruptive technologies to the members.
  • Access to the major talent pool of scientists, engineers, developers representing a wide range of industry domains.
  • Technology transfer and licensing.
  • Industry syndication to solve a major problem for the industry or individual niches within the industry.
  • Integration, adaptation and implementation of scientific concepts across industries.
  • Strategic partnership with association or individual member to bring product, service, technology to market.
  • Access to marketing content, market research & data though business leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs from in fields of advanced sciences and technologies for events, seminars, education, publishing and PR.