Software Development

With 10 years of experience in development of various software products and solutions, we provide our clients with full-cycle software development services aimed to improve business operations and enable rapid business growth and scalability.

Our software consultancy and software development capabilities are somewhat unique, as through our expertise in science, deeptech, manufacturing and business analysis we are designing high value-added solutions, helping your business grow and excel in your market niche.



Embedded software and embedded systems development is intrinsically connected to hardware electronics and mechanical systems in which we excel. Although embedded software (unlike web applications) is less visible to an end user, it runs literally any modern electronic device in automotive, aerospace, navigation, commercial, and medical industry.

EnCata works with leading microcontroller manufacturers and deliver effective firmware for both miniature consumer products and industrial automation examples based on MCU and FPGA architecture.

Internet of things

Internet of Things

With more than 1.5 billion of IoT connected devices and ever increasing complexity for managing this hardware instructure one needs advanced software with well-thought human interfaces. EnCata’s advantage is in offering a one-stop-shop services for custom IoT solutions development.

Typical project development of any IoT product / platform starts from choosing or devising suitable hardware, followed by developing software architecture and deploying various software applications.

Mobile and web applications


With ‘EnCata-Soft’ you can build a user-oriented app with the very modern technologies and cross-platform functionality in mind.

Our well-established process for development of mobile/web-application entails Research and Planning phase, Prototyping, Design with particular focus on UX and UI, followed by Coding and extensive Testing with successive launch. The app development team is further engaged in supporting the application and adding, if necessary, new features based on customer feedback.

Blockchain and smartcontracts

Blockchain and Smart contracts

Blockchain is a relatively young technology that empowers decentralization on a multiple levels and brings a whole new bottom-up approach as we have it in nature and in our society.

EnCata offers offer flexible business-oriented approach in creating a smooth technology change with blockchain and smart-contract solutions in integration with your legacy systems. We use advanced digital blockchain platforms to develop highly-secured and distinctive smart contracts for financial institutions, insurance sector, supply chain management, brick and mortar, construction and property management sector, transportation/logistics industry.

ENTERPISE and custom software

Enterprise Solutions and Custom Software

Building custom software for any corporate sector is a process of careful business analysis and detailed technical discovery, whereby skilful experts, business analysts and software architects tailor future enterprise-level solution for existing business needs.

Once the future software architecture is in place, a full-time development team is ready to engage and here we offer some flexibility in execution models. It can be either a dedicated team, onsite development and development + nearshore support models – depending on customer’s preferences and budget.

AR and VR Soluitions

AR and VR Solutions

Augmented and Virtual reality solutions are especially efficient in stimulating environments where conventional approaches proved to be expensive and dangerous. We excel in designing and production of various simulation and educational platforms, using novel technologies for a wide range of industries and applications.

Our AR/VR development team offers solutions based on conventional UNITY and UNREAL ENGINE platforms, enabling various levels of immersion and user experience. We also offer a deeply customised solutions with our advanced hardware/software PSYCHO platform.

AI and machine learning

AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning is a constantly evolving field with a wide range of different tools which offer lucrative instruments that helps to analyze tons of accumulated data and produce meaningful executive-level ‘answers’ and even help to elaborate new business models.

We are able to examine huge data sets to make associations, spot patterns and trends. We provide different solutions connected with big data analysis: market projections and index forecasting, predictive maintenance, technology process optimisation and many other, based on our multi domain experience.