Social Responsibility

We are rentlessly focused on pursuing product development solutions at the interface of hardware and software but we are commited to make the word better around us. We give away our experience to communities and empower different social groups to make the difference. We are engaged with kids, telented youth and the cities strenghtening engineering education, research and popularise engineering and science.

Inspiring kids through engineering

Inspiring kids through engineering

Kids – our future. Encouraging them to choose career in engineering is our goal. EnCata, together with other educational centers runs educational programs for kids to help them make first steps in robotics, programming and engineering.


Mentoring talents

We understand the importance of the support, advice to those young talents who choose to run their first startup while being in school. Enabling such mentorship paves way for new role models that make a difference to our society today and tomorrow.


Supporting youth sport

EnCata supports local teenage basketball team, encouraging STEM high school students to excel both in science and in sport. We recognise that learning the team play, determination and courage early in school make a huge difference when growing up.


Helping Antactica studies

Some of our employees worked on scientific missions in Antarctica. Thus in EnCata we know that in extreme conditions comfort matters! We continue supporting the expedition and research even on the southernmost continent.

And we wanted a bunch of brave guys conducting their geophysical, atmospherics and astronomy studies on the south pole to feel cosy out there and supplied them with the warmest EnCata outfit.


Engineering Art

As a gift to the City of Minsk EnCata engineered a ‘cornflower’ windmill that stands in the downtown on the embankment. The installation moves from a wind blow and manifests the fusion of contemporary art and engineering. This pro-bono project was done in collaboration with a Belarusian manufacturing company.


Teaching students

EnCata is proud to contribute to teaching process in Universities and colleges. Our active involvement with lectures and student internships for engineering and science students endows the pursuit for global engineering and technology excellence.


Participating in WORLDSKILLS

Our employees act as active jury members of WORLDSKILL CNC competition. Thereby we help young engineers and machinists to gain hands-on learning and problem solving skills within EnCata’s internship scheme.