EnCata believes in combining the forces of standardization and creativity to develop a constantly improving workflow, providing our clients with the fastest, highest quality product at the lowest possible cost. We have implemented comprehensive standardised procedures that improve project management, engineering development and prototype manufacturing processes so that the results are always apparent and delivered just-in-time.

We recognise that this world needs more engineers and with the relevant innovation infrastructure hotspots can emerge and drive national economies and benefit local communities. EnCata believes in the powerful combination of creative minds and engineering infrastructure that can help to create common experiences for millions of people and bring unity among the disparate peoples of the world.



We see our work as a continuous process flow, which creates value for our customers. Every EnCata’s employee understands that attention to detail and elimination of ‘muda‘ (losses) is a core principle of our philosophy. Any action that adds no value must be promptly isolated and eliminated, reducing both time and cost only to the design/manufacturing process.​​



In EnCata we want our world to be a better place and we – as engineers and scientists – want to do it by means of engineering and science. We cherish the idea of creating EnCata engineering hubs, maker spaces and engineering centers around the globe to foster innovation and enable a bright future for talented people and the society.

We believe in power of citizen scientists, curious makers and talented engineers that can come up both with groundbreaking inventions and incremental innovation. And we see our role to help them do so.


Сontinuous self-improvement

EnCata vis a continuously self-improving and self-training structure. Bases on Kaizen principles, we have successfully tested and implemented the EnCata’s proprietary HRM system, which keeps track of company standards and employee training. Through this system, we are encouraging all our employees to continuously search for ways of reducing waste and improving efficiency in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process.

We see our internal standards as the backbone and additional ‘language’ for the employees to speak in order to quickly understand each other. Such an approach leaves plenty of room for creativity and leadership, while people in EnCata spend much less time working out the processes. 

Growing own leaders within EnCata

Standardization and process optimisation (total Kaizen)

Adding value to the clients

Work FLOW principles​

Uncertainty management

Maximising value withing EnCata ecosystem


VISUALIZED development & production flow

EnCata development and production flow are fully visualized. There are no solid walls in our offices, no lockers, no shelves with tools and no isolated rooms. When every worker has access to all the stages and inputs, the chances a problem or defect will be unnoticed are literally small.

We intensively employ TPS elements, such as KANBAN stock, project cells, manufacturing carts, ANDON system, Kanban offline boards. We further use these ‘flow’ philosophy in our online CRM/ERP system.



Our philosophy is built on foundations of LEAN, TIPS and corporate lifecycle management:

  1. LEAN Toyota Production System (TPS);
  2. TRIZ (or TIPS – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving);
  3. Corporate lifecycle management of I. Adizes;
  4. Business methodologies of J. Collins;
  5. Six Sigma strategies.


"THE encata way"

EnCata is actively sharing knowledge throughout business and engineering community and actively contributing to organisations development research.

We have further developed LEAN approach (which is lagely based on the widely recognised TPS and 'Six Sigma' management ethics) and came up with behavioral human pattern analysys of individuals within the conformity of the organization’s matrix.