Industrial party 2017

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December 15. There was an unforgettable party at the EnCata’s plant. The Industrial party 2017 became one of the most striking events of this December. Having suffered a hangover, we prepared some advice on how to hold a really cool party.

1. Hide the vodka. Take a picture of champagne.

  1. Wash your hands well. 
Perhaps today you will be on fire.
  1. Have your hairstyle and beard done.
  1. Take a couple of cocktails.
  1. Sing a really cool song. Repeat.
  1. Listen to the "The Stoneface"
  1. Take the guitar. Show "The Stoneface", who really rocks.
8. Find beautiful girls. Make some photos.
9. Find some more.
10. Invite Alexey Loschakov. Don’t touch him.
11. Play kicker. Try not to spin the footballers.
12. Dance.
Dance a lot.
13. Make Sergey Tkachenko to be photographed.
14. Raise your head.
Who knows what can be under the ceiling?!
15. Blow something up.
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