5 Reasons Why the Blockchain is NOT A Good Fit for Your Business

Blockchain, tokens, cryptocurrency. 21 century makes the rules and today every other businessperson is extremely broad-minded and operates such terms like a pro.

Modern business-environment is very demanding; everything revolves around blockchain and everything. The toffs of business world look at a person with are-you-neanderthal look who prefers cave painting to TED-talks, if the person couldn't get in with the blockchain technology or s/he just not that into it.

However, if you dig deeper and become more rational, you'll see the other side of blockchain technology. Then it’s the right time to think, whether your business really needs it or you just became another victim of these modern mainstream movement.

Alexandr Kurbatov, EnCata Soft CBDO, tries to draw clear lines and tells why businesses should abandon the introduction of popular technology and cases when it still needed.

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