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About EnCata

EnCata (Engineering Catalyst) is one-stop-development engineering and consultancy service focused on product development, design engineering and prototype manufacturing. EnCata's R&D facilities are also registered as Technopark with a wide range of industrial machinery for prototype design and manufacturing.

The company currently employs 200+ engineers and believes in providing its clients with a full set of services, helping its customer to complete journey from just an idea through design and development to mass-production and market launch. In addition, EnCata provides clients with a wide range of consultancy services in technology transfer, commercial R&D, product development, marketing + business analysis and investors relations.



Historically, the company has grown from a small and LEAN manufacturing business founded in 2006 (special industrial equipment and electronic devices) which is now a legacy and it is obscured by the rapid growth of the engineering services business of EnCata.

EnCata, established by «Person of the Year for Industrial Innovation» (2016) Oleg Kondrashov — has its core R&D activities concentrated in Minsk, which is now the dynamically evolving and the recognised engineering tech hub of Eastern Europe.


Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe

The talent and diligence of EnCata’s design and manufacturing engineers allow the company to successfully develop cutting edge products in a range of fields, including mechatronics, nanotechnology, automotive, aerospace, smart agriculture, IoT, robotics, industrial automation, medical devices, consumer products and software solutions.

In December 2016 Wall Street Journal articles labelled “Belarus is emerging as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe” highlights the growing importance and influence of Belarus as a hi-tech and development center. There are currently 40’000+ Belarusian software engineers, and such popular applications as MSQRD, AIMATTER, Viber, Flo and World of Tanks originated in Belarus.


a Milestone: Encata technopark

In 2018 EnCata has completed one of the most important projects for the company: the fast construction building which now accommodates the company’s manufacturing facilities and design engineering center.

The building is 1’200 sq.m. (ca. 12’000 sq.ft.) industrial estate, which is located in the city of Minsk. Moving to this these premises allowed the EnCata to complete registration and become the first private Technopark in Belarus. This has certainly been the leap forward for the company.


HACKERSPACE "makeit Center"

Back in 2015, we have realised the importance of a maker space for hardware startups, which would allow them to build their own mock-ups and POC prototypes. This idea matured into the MAKEIT CENTER project, which is now an offspring company located in the 300 sq.m., underground bunker facility.

The fablab has now become the essential part of the engineering startup ecosystem. It is the place for the hardware startups, inventors and makers to flock. The hackerspace is a great training ground for junior engineers joining EnCata.

MAKEIT Center has now evolved into a franchise and several places are to be opened around the globe.

Government consultancy

Government consultancy

In the past 5 years, we have had a tremendous experience in working with hardware and deep tech startups, creating the startup ecosystem and opening a Technopark. This has given EnCata the invaluable experience of dealing with innovation development and technology transfer.

We now work with different government bodies from across the world and helping them to build their startup ecosystems along with creating strategies for innovation development and national technology transfer policies.



EnCata is now expanding its presence to N.Europe and N. America and has already become a global company with representative units in 8 countries across the globe, employing more than 200 engineers in Minsk HQ alone. 

The company plans to open representative offices in the EU (Brussels) and USA.