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We have conducted a comprehensive standardization in EnCata for all possible aspects of work that can be standardized. We have a set of documents and procedures aiding project management, engineering development and prototype manufacturing process. At each project stage we have a certain established document, aiding the project flow. Thus, our customers can always have the predictable result, delivered just-in-time.

EnCata project management scheme.

Depending on customer’s objectives, the scheme can be expanded with other procedures, which are planned and standardized. For example, when working with a start-up in a certain knowledge domain, we know the potential investors who might finance the project. At the same time, the 'Engineering Catalyst scheme', which is also part of a business plan, guarantees investors transparent and efficient use of their funds.

work way

 EnCata vs engineering outsourcers.

Have you already worked with engineering outsourcing companies or remote freelance designers? If so, please, have look at our analysis of EnCata services compared to a typical outsourcer:

encata vs outsourcing

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