Our mission


When people are young and full of product and engineering ideas, they usually have no money. Lack of money usually means they enter a steep startup road. These people - Makers - develop their first prototypes in their garages or in places merely equipped with tools. It takes them a long and painful way before they place the order with a big manufacturer and start mass production.

Makers gain more experience and give up their ideas. Some of them grow into talented engineers and start their own R&D department or engineering business. Some try to outsorce parts of engineering, design and manufacturing to different places and to different people, and get inapplicable results and even more time spent on the way to the final marketable product.

The reason why going with fragmented outsourcing does not work, is that outsourcers do not fully understand the Maker's idea. This results in endless design iterations, which makes the Product too late for the market. Alternatively the Product is not what the Maker wanted, or it doesn’t have the initially required quality - all because of the incorrect technical specification. Communication between the Maker and a remote designer or production site becomes a mess: constant stress and conflicts. Even the best outside designer aims to follow precisely his/her assigned technical specification. Yet what the Maker needs is not an ideally formulated technical specification, but the ideal final Product.

Some of such mistakes can lead to multi-million losses at a mass production stage if the product ever reaches the market.

However, the Maker has another way: find an investor and arrange his own full-scale production business. Therefore, one needs to open his own design office, i.e. recruit and train people, buy and integrate automated CAD design systems, set up business process, rent office space. There are many more pitfalls when one wants to open his own  production plant, not to mention the procurement of manufacturing equipment and tools.

Imagine a situation where having done all of that one finds the Product is not even designed for production! If a carefully-set plan goes wrong, there is a risk to run out of time and money, leaving a very small chance to keep investors satisfied. The reality is that the Maker will have to address all of that or fail. This is the reality of Product development.

Are you a Maker? Then you know how it feels, right?

We have dedicated more than 10 years of our production activity to one goal: to make a Product from an idea in the shortest time with minimum budgets. That is how we  invented the Innovative Engineering Catalyst. EnCata transforms the idea into the Product faster and more efficiently than the Maker who chooses the hard way to run his own design office, recruit staff and adjust business processes before launching the Product. EnCata is a consultancy and a very efficient product developer, helping the Makers at the most critical stage - design and manufacture the prototype and prepare everything for mass production.

Today EnCata gives many Makers a chance to "touch" their final Product and succeed on the market. The Engineering Catalyst advances technical progress by developing private initiative of active people, which erases barriers between the Makers idea and Investor's money. In a sense, EnCata is a "technical nursery" for high-tech ideas.

And our mission is to be that good "technical nurse".

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