Customized production


EnCata provides services for fast product design and fast production. Such service is required when solutions available on the market do not suit customer's need, or if they are too expensive,  or too long to wait for. Here EnCata is ready to help.

Fast engineering designs and production are the advantages of the Engineering Catalyst. Our well-established project management system with teams of design engineers and manufacturing engineers allows to deliver sophisticated devices and high-tech products quickly within 4-12 weeks.

Examples of devices:

  • Test benches
  • Research pilot plants
  • Specific high-tech products
  • Purpose-built machines and equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Production lines and process equipment, etc.


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Performing design and production of customized products means the customer does not need documentation, but needs the product within the shortest time period. Therefore we develop design and technical documentation according to the minimum internal standards allowing manufacturing. This approach reduces the design time and, consequently, cost of the final product. 

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Due to one-piece flow implemented in EnCata, design errors are eliminated on the early stages. And, importanly, not at the assembly stage, but at the stage of parts manufacturing. Here, at EnCata, we employ "Andon production method" developed by our company, which helps to reduce production time even for complex products.  In 'Adnon production' we start working with just a 3D model, created by our design engineers.

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