EnCata makes investments safer and guarantees fastest route to the mass production / market for the product.

The value of EnCata's service is suggest the cost-efficient and most effective route for the concept product to the market. We provide one-stop- service for product design and manufacture, ensuring the startup gets quicker to the market and will enter its growth stage. 

EnCata understands the crucial barrier that divides the technical startupers from investors - the difficulty to evaluate technical risks, associated with science, engineering, manufacturing and technology domain. The complexity of hardware and high-tech projects, when underestimated by non-experts may lead to significant project delays, if not "death" of a statup. 

EnCata helps to identify such risks, suggest the optimal way, evaluate project resources and estimate future production costs - all of this is included in our service.

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Often a startup maker, inspired by a new invention or a know-how, feels himself a genius, which creates too many potential problems. Avery little attention is paid to a detailed plan for engineering, technology selection and manufacturing-related topics. At the same time the investor can be charmed by the maker's inspiration and confidence in the product.

It looks so much like a baby’s birth and upbringing: a maker, being a loving father, is so proud of his baby and it's bright future, that he becomes blind while dreaming. Dreamers rarely pay attention to little things, which turn out to be crucial in the future. A father risking the future of his family versus a startupper, risking money of the investor. In the scheme you can see examples of risks minimized by EnCata.

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  Startup makers often have a great idea and personal and business skills, but lack other competences and experience necessary to make a good product. 

 EnCata ensures a startup doesn't make mistakes either on the very early stage of product development and engineering, or at the production stage. We provide a fully standardized and transparent engineering consultancy and service, ensuring the idea reaches the market, serving the investor’s interests.

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We understand how crucial it is for the investor to have the project cost structure and estimation of the future production costs.

EnCata does not charge investor for initial project estimation. Investors pay for our services at later stages, when risks are taken into consideration and calculated and the decision to launch the project is in place.   time



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