EnCata is an innovative engineering service [consultancy+one-stop-development], focused on product development, design engineering and prototype manufacturing. We are in the unique position to have a design office, project office, R&D facilities and arsenal of our own industrial machinery for prototype manufacturing (metal, plasic, electronics, etc.) - all in one place. 


 So, what makes EnCata special?


  • Design engineering is at the core of EnCata. We are engaged in a range of projects for different industries: nanotech, advanced electronics, aerospace, smart agriculture, Internet of Things, robotics, industrial automation, medical devices, automotive and consumer products. EnCata works carefully with the ideas of our clients developing and engineering them into the final product, manufactured on-site and fully tested, i.e. ready for mass production.  
  • EnCata is an international company with offices in different countries. Depending on the region, we open either a Sales office (Tier-1), Design Center (Tier-2) or Design + Prototyping center (Tier-3).  
  • The heart of EnCata is our R&D centers  - the place where our engineers create new designs and manufacture advanced prototypes. Our R&D centers are built on Toyota Production System (TPS), whereby production flow is implemented for both product engineering and manufacturing process.  Our LEAN principles help to reduce significantly product delivery time, as we eliminate and reduce numerous losses associated with knowledge transfer and time-consuming logistics of materials and parts. 
  • We are open to our partners. We make our business fully transparent for our partners and customers to ensure trust and confidence in quality of our services. That is why more than 70% of our customers use our service again. Our major partners are:


  EnCata made its first innovative product 9 years ago. Today EnCata has 200 people working in different countries of the world, and even more experts could be hired for a large project.